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Buehler EcoMet 3000

Buehler EcoMet 3000 – variable speed grinder/polishers

Manufacturer’s link
Buehler IsoMet
Buehler IsoMet Low Speed Saw – precision sectioning saw
Buehler MiniMet 1000
Buehler MiniMet 1000 – semiautomatic grinder/golisher
Manufacturer’s link
Gatan 656 Dimple Grinder
Gatan 656 Dimple Grinder
Manufacturer’s link
Quorom Coater
Q150T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater (Quorum Technologies Ltd.)
Polaron gold coater
Polaron gold coater
Polaron carbon coater
Polaron carbon coater
Fischione plasma cleaner – model 1020
Gatan 655 Dry Pumping Station (Manufacturer’s link)
Reichert-Yung Ultracut E
Gatan 695 PIPS
Gatan 695 Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS-II) (Manufacturer’s link)
Struers Tenupol-5 Electropolisher.


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An apparatus for the preparation of nano-particles which avoids agglomeration of the particles and dramatically reduces the contamination rate, and therefore enables reliable analysis of such particles.

The method is based on spraying the volatile solution containing the nano-particles onto the supporting film using a disposable and fairly simple homemade and disposable apparatus which was developed in our laboratory.

A few droplets from the volatile solution containing the nano-particles are dropped into the top needle and sprayed using the pure Ar gas flow from the horizontal needle producing a very fine slurry which lands on the thin film coated TEM grids.

Typical conditions for gas flow:

  • Gas pressure – 0.5 atmospheres.
  • Flow rate – 2 liters/minute.

The computer lab consists of one main computer equipped with dedicated microscopysoftware for offline analysis of data acquired on the different microscopes.

The computer is connected to the different support PCs of the microscopesthrough the local area network and can be reached by TD-MT users with the link: \\Mika-software\Users\.

The following software are available on this computer:

SoftwareDescriptionManuals and Useful Documentation
Digital Micrograph Gatan software for TEM images and EELS spectra
processing and analysis.
  • DigitalMicrograph User Guide

  • EELS Analysis User Guide
  • TIA offlineOffline version of the Tecnai Imaging Analysis which is used on the TEM microscopes for Acquiring STEM-HAADF images, EDS and EELS spectras.
  • TIA Manual
  • JEMS (java EMS)Full version of the very powerful software for HRTEM, SAD and CBED simulation and analysis by P. Stadelmann.
  • JEMS Manual
  • EELSMODELSoftware by J. Verbeeck to quantify EELS spectra using a model fitting approach.
  • EELSMODEL Manual
  • EDMA set of programs from Northwestern University intended to combine various aspects of image processing and manipulation of high resolution images and diffraction patterns as well as direct methods.
    QSTEMHRSTEM image simulation software by C.T. Koch.
  • QSTEM_Intro

  • QSTEM_tutorial
  • HREM-DIMASoftware by Y. Kauffmann for high resolution electron microscopy digital image matching analysis.
  • HREM-DIMA User Manual
  • Inspect3DThermo Fisher Tomography post-alignment and reconstruction module
    Avizo for Materials Science3D software application for visualizing and understanding materials science data
    VeloxThermo Fisher software for EDX mapping and analysis

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