Practical Courses

November, 2019

Dear Students, Faculty Members and Researchers,

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering is opening this semester’s practical courses for operating the following microscopes:

  • E-SEM Quanta 200 – An environmental SEM, enabling characterization of non-conducting materials without a conductive coating, and is equipped with EDS (light element) and WDS.
  • Zeiss Ultra-Plus FEG-SEM – A Schottky field emmission gun high-resolution SEM (FEG-SEM) which includes a heating stage up to 1050C, an EDS detector with an energy resolution of 127eV and a unique combination of detectors. The microscope is also equipped with a pico-indenter for in-situ mechanical testing and a EBSD detector with an option for TKD (Transmission kikuchi diffraction).
  • Helios NanoLab DualBeam G3 UC – The new RBNI dual-beam focused ion beam (FIB). This microscope is equipped with an Omniprobe sample extraction system for lift-out TEM specimen preparation, a STEM detector (including HAADF), a high-resolution 4k digital patterning engine and an automation with full access to e-beam, i-beam, patterning and gas chemistry functionality.
  • Tecnai G2 T20 – A 200KeV (or 120KeV) TEM with a LaB6 electron source and an FEI Supertwin Objective Lens. This microscope is also equipped with BF and DF STEM detectors, an EDS detector, a plate camera, a 1Kx1K multi-scan CCD, and a TV rate CCD.
  • Titan Themis 60-300 FEG-S/TEM – A high resolution FEG S/TEM operating at 60, 200 and 300KeV. This microscope is equipped with a monochromator for sub-eV energy resolution and an objective lens aberration corrector system for sub-A spatial resolution. It is also equipped with a high resolution energy filter (for sub-eV EELS and energy filtered TEM), an EDS detector, a high resolution STEM system (including BF, DF and HAADF detectors), a 4Kx4K CCD.

Anyone interested in learning how to operate these microscopes is invited to fill and submit the online registration form (see link below).
The time and place for the next meeting to coordinate course times for the Spring 2020 semester will be announced at the beginning of next semester.

Best regards,
Dr. Yaron Kauffmann

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