Practical Courses

November, 2019

Dear Students, Faculty Members and Researchers,

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering is opening this semester’s practical courses for operating the following microscopes:

  • E-SEM Quanta 200 – An environmental SEM, enabling characterization of non-conducting materials without a conductive coating, and is equipped with EDS (light element) and WDS.
  • Zeiss Ultra-Plus FEG-SEM – A Schottky field emmission gun high-resolution SEM (FEG-SEM) which includes a heating stage up to 1050C, an EDS detector with an energy resolution of 127eV and a unique combination of detectors. The microscope is also equipped with a pico-indenter for in-situ mechanical testing and a EBSD detector with an option for TKD (Transmission kikuchi diffraction).
  • Helios NanoLab DualBeam G3 UC – The new RBNI dual-beam focused ion beam (FIB). This microscope is equipped with an Omniprobe sample extraction system for lift-out TEM specimen preparation, a STEM detector (including HAADF), a high-resolution 4k digital patterning engine and an automation with full access to e-beam, i-beam, patterning and gas chemistry functionality.
  • Tecnai G2 T20 – A 200KeV (or 120KeV) TEM with a LaB6 electron source and an FEI Supertwin Objective Lens. This microscope is also equipped with BF and DF STEM detectors, an EDS detector, a plate camera, a 1Kx1K multi-scan CCD, and a TV rate CCD.
  • Titan Themis 60-300 FEG-S/TEM – A high resolution FEG S/TEM operating at 60, 200 and 300KeV. This microscope is equipped with a monochromator for sub-eV energy resolution and an objective lens aberration corrector system for sub-A spatial resolution. It is also equipped with a high resolution energy filter (for sub-eV EELS and energy filtered TEM), an EDS detector, a high resolution STEM system (including BF, DF and HAADF detectors), a 4Kx4K CCD.

Anyone interested in learning how to operate these microscopes is invited to fill and submit the online registration form (see link below).

A meeting to coordinate course times will be held on Sunday, Novemebr 10th, 2019 at 11:30 in the microscopy complex (ground floor of the old building of materials science & engineering).

Best regards,
Dr. Yaron Kauffmann

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