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A panoramic view of the MIKA

The Electron Microscopy Center located at the Department of Materials Science & Engineering serves faculty and students within the Technion, as well as from other institutions and local industry. The center provides service on all the microscopes, and trains students and scientists for independent use of the equipment. The facilities are run by expert staff members and include state of the art advanced scanning electron microscopes (SEM), transmission electron microscopes (TEM), focused ion beam microscopes (FIB) and computerized light microscopy (LM). In addition, a complete specimen preparation laboratory is included within the framework of the Electron Microscopy Laboratory.

MIKA overview

The Center serves scientists from a wide range of fields such as materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and many more. The microscopes are being constantly renewed and updated with the newest instruments available to keep up with the fast advancement in the field of electron and ion microscopy in the world. Just in the last two years, two new microscopes were installed in the center. The first one is The Themis, which is one of the most advanced TEMs in the world that provides atomic resolution and very advanced analytical capabilities. The second one is the Ultra-Fast TEM, a very unique platform which provides the ability to probe ultra-fast processes at the femto-second time scale as well as the interaction between light, electron and matter simultaneously.


The Electron Microscopy Center plan (click to navigate)

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