Microscopy Group Meeting / 2019

02-July-1912:30-13:30meeting room Wolfson centerGalit AtiyaHigh Resolution Xe Plasma FIB - capabilities and applications
  • Lecture #1
  • 06-August-1912:30-13:30room 609, Meidan BuildingMaria KoifmanRietveld Refinement of X-Ray Powder Diffraction
  • Lecture #2
  • 10-September-1912:30-13:30room 609, Meidan BuildingAlex BernerStatistical Treatment of Analytical Results (Reproducibility, Accuracy, Limit of Detection, etc …)
  • Lecture #3
  • 07-October-1912:30-13:30room 609, Meidan BuildingLucy LibermanOptimization of the SEM parameters for micrograph contrast improvement in polymers, organic materials, and liquids
  • Lecture #4
  • 05-November-1912:30-13:30meeting room Wolfson centerYaron KauffmannIntroduction to HRTEM and HRSTEM micrographs simulations for quantitative analysis at the atomic scale
  • Lecture #5
  • 03-December-1912:30-13:30room 609, Meidan BuildingWayne KaplanChallenges Related to the Characterization of Interface Adsorption
    07-January-2012:30-13:30room 609, Meidan BuildingIrena DavidovichContrast mechanisms in TEM and the Volta phase plates
    21-January-2012:30-14:30room 609, Meidan BuildingKeith Taylor (Oxford Instruments - UK)Ultra-Low kV EDS - A New Approach to Improved Spatial Resolution, Surface Sensitivity, and Light Element Compositional Imaging and Analysis in the SEM
    11-February-2012:30-13:30room 609, Meidan BuildingIrena DavidovichContrast mechanisms in TEM and the Volta phase plates
    03-March-2012:30-13:30room 609, Meidan BuildingOlga Kleinerman
    07-April-2012:30-13:30room 609, Meidan Building
    05-May-2012:30-13:30room 609, Meidan Building
    02-June-2012:30-13:30room 609, Meidan Building
    07-July-2012:30-13:30room 609, Meidan Building
    04-August-2012:30-13:30room 609, Meidan Building

    Dear microscopy users, students, faculty Members and researchers,

    In order to improve communication and encourage cooperation between users of the different microscopy facilities at the Technion we decided to renew an old tradition – the Microscopy Group Meetings (MGM).

    The group meeting is a non-formal meeting, which will be held once a month. In every meeting, someone else will present a topic related to experimental microscopy work. This is a good opportunity for people to receive feedback on their work and new ideas on how to solve problems. These meeting will be a good opportunity to present useful software and analytical techniques in SEM, FIB, TEM, XRD and sample preparation. Example of relevant topics from the past are here – https://mtrmika.technion.ac.il/mika-group-meeting/

    Anyone interested to present at the meeting please send us an email with the topic and a short abstract.

    The meetings will be held every first Tuesday of the month between 12:30-13:30 at the meeting room 609, 6th floor in Meidan building (the new building of Materials Science and Engineering department).

    All participants are invited to bring their own lunch to make time more efficient and enjoyable.

    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday January 21st 2020 between 12:30-14:30.

    We would like to emphasis that the meeting is open to everyone, so please feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested.

    All details about future meeting will be presented on this webpage.

    Looking forward to your participation.

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