MIKA Group Meeting (MGM)

17.10.12Yaron KauffmannImage processing for quantitative analysis of TEM micrographsMGM 1.pdf
31.10.12Boris NijikovskySolving selected area electron diffraction patterns using JEMSMGM 2.pdf
21.11.12Tamar Segal-PeretzEnergy Filtered TEM for resolving the location of conjugated molecules in hybrid systemsMGM 3.pdf
28.11.12David BrandonBayesian statistics & conditional probability>MGM 4.pdf
5.12.12Tzipi Cohen-Hyams3D Imaging and Analysis using FIB Slice and ViewMGM 5.pdf
19.12.12Alex BernerRound table on various contrast mechanisms in advanced SEMMGM 6.pdf
2.1.13Galit AtiyaTrueImage - Focal series exit wave reconstruction from HRTEM micrographs
16.1.13Yaron KauffmannHREM-DIMA - Digital image matching analysis of high resolution electron microscopy imagesMGM 8.pdf
30.1.13Dor AmramXRD beyond θ-2θ: Basic concepts and practical examples

Dear Students, Faculty Members and Researchers,

In order to improve communication and encourage cooperation between users of the MIKA facilities we decided to renew the MIKA group meetings.

The MIKA group meeting is a non-formal meeting which will be held once every two weeks. Every meeting someone else will present a topic related to experimental microscopy work. This is a good opportunity for people to receive feedback on their work and new ideas on how to solve problems. These meeting will be a good opportunity to present useful software and analytical techniques in SEM, FIB, TEM and sample preparation.

The meetings will be held every other Wednesday between 13:00-14:00 at room 302 in the Maydan building (new building of our faculty).

All participants are invited to bring their own lunch to make time more efficient and enjoyable.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday January 30th 2013 between 13:00-14:00 and the topic of “XRD beyond θ-2θ: Basic concepts and practical examples” will be presented by Dor Amram.

We would like to emphasis that the meeting is open to everyone, so please feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested.

The MIKA staff (Yaron, Michael, Alex, Tzipi and Wayne).

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